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Que sera, sera—whatever will be, will be—but first I need more coffee.

ENTP 2007

I have long resisted creating a livejournal account. I mostly created this so I could comment on other livejournals if choose to do so. My ex, former friends, and a few people I don't like very much all have livejournals. I won't identify them or write bad things about them. A few of my friends do have them and so I have created one. It's kinda like AOL Instant Messenger and now MySpace. You wish they'd use something better, but if you want to communicate with them you must get an account.

I suppose I should write something about myself. At some point in the future I might think about it.

Update-Feb 2011-- If you look at my username you can tell it was created in 2007, almost four years ago. In that time much has happened. I now am pretty active on Facebook. Although I had an account then I barely used it. I'm even on twitter now. I'm going to see if I can change my handle.